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Do you want to prevent ailments and diseases? Do you struggle with chronic ailments and diseases? We have developed tools and solutions for you to take control of your own health situation. In many cases, you can achieve substantial improvement.

Some benefits

your license gives you


Learn how exercise can work like medicine for more than thirty ailments and diseases

Blood Pressure

Learn to control or reduce your blood pressure
Learn to control or reduce your blood pressure

Internal Organs

Learn how to train your internal organs to be healthier
Learn how to train your internal organs to be healthier

Lung Recovery

Learn effective lung recovery methods

Weight Management

Learn to control or reduce your weight with a weight management system
Learn to control or reduce your weight with a weight management system

The Complete Health Platform

Human Energy Healthcare educates health professionals and private members by providing all the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge in one place. This will help you effectively fight diseases and many known problems.

Blood Pressure Management - Cancer Management - Lung Recovery - Healthy Aging - Weight Management

Smart health - Go digital, go healthy

Smart Health: Go Digital, Go Healthy

360° health monitoring

Log and monitor every important detail of your health to get real-time warnings and more precise consultations.

Access anywhere - 24/7

Access your health details and your doctor or therapist from your computer or phone 24/7. There are no “off duty” hours.

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Clients Share Their Experience

GDA has changed my life by letting me log and monitor my own health in an effortless way. Best part is that my doctor is closer than ever, with online booking and better help as he has access to my log.
Sophie Grant

Sophie Grant


Through GDA I got help solving both my back pain and my skin acne. I found specialists in both fields. GDA let my doctor and therapist work together and find the best cure by checking my log.
James Stinger

James Stinger


GDA digital platform makes treating my patients both easier and BETTER. As the patient grant me permission to view their account, I get a 365-degree view of their health and can identify the cause fast.
Dr. Leibovitz

Dr. Leibovitz


Here you will learn


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Register for a free account at

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Step 2
Invite your clients by clicking on the INVITE tab from your admin page

When You Go To INVITE, You Can Send Emails, Share On Social Media, Or Send Yourself Mail, And Forward It Your Personal Contacts.

Personal Benefits Using

Extra Income

When members register with your invitation or link, you will receive 50 % of the monthly fees. The Member Fee Is $5/Month-1000 Clients/Fans Gives You $30,000 A Year Of Extra Income.

100 Clients

You are invited to a 2-day seminar at an all-inclusive hotel covered by our organization. At This Seminar, We Teach You More About The Health Benefits You And Your Clients Recieve. We Show The Most Effective Ways To Increase Your Monthly Recurring Income.

500 Clients

You are invited to a 7-day seminar at an all-inclusive beach resort. You Will Receive A Certification As A MEDICAL TRAINER. You Will Also Receive A Personal Box With Medical Devices. Your Trip, Hotel Stay, 3 Treatments, And Activities Are Covered By Our Organization.

2000 Clients

You have the opportunity to make $5, 000/month and $60,000/year. + free use of an electric company car of your choice

main Goal

“Our main goal is to inform people and to provide tools and knowledge, to find solutions for their health challenges and diseases. To reach our goal, we need you as our VIP-Partner, teaching people how to prevent diseases, and how to live a healthy and happy life.

We provide the following:

  • Income sources
  • Knowledge and
  • Digital educational tools
  • A complete digital healthcare system.

You will be on a winning team, helping others, and enjoying your work. To reach your income goals and receive benefits, you must have active paying members.

Welcome onboard as our VIP-Partner.
Tore Nordvik
Manager VIP-Partner

of the digital tools and Modules you and your client can use

Complete Nutrition Tools

Complete Energy medicine tools

We are leading the charge for helping naturopathic doctors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, and nurses in providing the most effective tools and knowledge for their clients. Become a part of a global organization that change healthcare and fitness industry. Access health details 24/7 and get real time warnings and more precise health status and far better outcome.